Accessibility Partners Blogs About WMDSC Community Forum

Accessibility Partners is a small woman-owned business founded in 2003 that works with government agencies, institutions of higher education, and businesses to improve their accessibility. After our April 3, 2015 community forum on accessible information and communications technology (in plain language: how to make different tech tools, from apps to websites to email to devices, useful for disabled folks in meaningful ways), they blogged about us and our event on their fantastic website!

You can read the blog post on their website or read some of our favorite parts below:

An Accessible Friday with the Washington Metro Disabled Students Collective

Greetings from the Community Forum on Accessible Information and Communication Technology! We’re here at the Access Board on a Friday, and are graciously brought together by the FCC and the Washington Metro Disabled Students Collective (WMDSC). One of the overarching themes that we’ve realized today is not only the importance of technology at a young age in education, but the necessity of accessible technology.

Being Autism Awareness Month, we heard from some amazing panel speakers. There was some amazing insight by Jaggar DeMarco, from the National Council on Independent Living at George Washington University. Deepa Goraya represented the Washington Lawyer’s Committee for Civil Rights and Urban Affairs, and talked to us about transportation options like Uber and Lyft. We also heard from Jacqueline Wunderlic, of Gallaudet University, and Scott Robertson of the Autistic Self Advocacy. The room was chockfull of students, including from educational institutions across the region. It was an inspiring event, and Accessibility Partners Learned a lot! Always a treat to be back in the Access Board—our favorite hub for the latest and greatest in accessibility.